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Alice Alfano is a Marketing Intern at Malbek. She is a recent graduate of Rutgers University with a BA in Marketing and a minor in Human Resources. She was active with the Honors College at Rutgers and spent the last two years as a client liaison for the Small Business Development Center of New Jersey at Rutgers Camden. When she's not writing killer blog posts, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and spending time in nature.

A Case Study in Making the CLM Switch

Many people who are on their first CLM solution, sometimes referred to as first-generation CLM users, struggle to take the plunge and switch from their out-of-date current CLM to something modern and functional. The decision can be overwhelming...


Signs of Shelfware: The Three Cs of a Bad User Interface

“The additional steps and buttons they force you to push are frequently onerous, and it falls significantly short of intuitive.”  

- Shelfware Client

Today we continue our series on Contract Management Shelfware and turn our attention to the...


Signs of Shelfware: Can You Hear Me!?

"We have an issue that customer support can reproduce but refuses to provide a fix. It makes us feel like our issue is not big enough for them to address." - Shelfware Client

Today we continue our series on Contract Management Shelfware and...


A Quotable Guide to Envision 2020

Thank you to everyone who made Envision 2020, Malbek's first ever user conference, such an energizing and valuable experience! It was a privilege to hear the variety of input on contract management as a broad topic and related to the Malbek...

Interview with an Intern: Alice in Marketing

Meet Alice, our Marketing Intern extraordinaire. Alice just graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Marketing and a minor in Human Resources. She was active with the Honors College at Rutgers and spent the last two years as a client...


Bridging the Technology Gap

While teaching my grandfather how to use his smartphone, he offered several nuggets of wisdom that only an 85-year-old could give:

“What do you mean passcode? What is this, a navy base?”

“The only 'app' I know is the things you eat before dinner!”


Survey Says: How Does Your Company View Contracts?

Have you ever really considered the role contracts play in your company? Do you see them as a valuable resource that you continue to pay attention to? Or do you just store them on your computer because you have to without giving them too much...


Transplanting Tips for CLM Solutions

Like many of you, I am a houseplant fanatic. I feel like I check on my "jungle" as much as I check my email. So when my fern starts to look crispy or my monstera looks wilted, I notice. And much like those work emails, I don’t just read the...


Modern Procurement Problems Require Modern Contract Solutions

So many departments, including legal, sales, finance, and others, rely on procurement to get what they need and fast. When an agreement takes a long time to complete, thereby delaying the receipt of a critical piece of equipment or business...