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Gary Zuder has been a trusted sales consultant to his clients for more than 20 years, earning multiple sales awards and honors in some of the most well-known companies in technology and Human Capital Management. As a dedicated and genuine sales professional, Gary believes that strong empathy and resolve for his customers have the greatest impact on their success. As VP of Sales, Gary works collaboratively with fellow executives and teammates setting strategy to help Malbek’s customers accomplish their long-term missions – and have fun while doing it! Gary holds an MBA from Franklin University and a BS in Marketing from The Ohio State University. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and two active daughters, enjoying ballet performances and soccer games. After playing trumpet in college as part of the Ohio State University Marching Band, Gary has since picked up guitar and bass. Whenever he has a chance, you may find Gary with friends on the golf course enjoying some time outdoors.

Do You Have Any Customers Our Size or Industry?

We're excited to introduce a brand new blog series called "You ask. We answer." In this series we answer some of the most common questions we hear from people like you. So let's get started!

Do you have any customers our size or in our industry? 


Budget - Sharing the Investment and the Benefits

You’re out enjoying a glass of lemonade (or other beverage of your choice) on a hot summer day, and you’re admiring the hydrangeas you just planted last fall. Then, a green truck pulls up with the logo “Frank’s Greatest Landscaping.” You don’t...


10 Reasons Email Is Bad for Contracts

Love it or hate it, email is a business staple. It has largely replaced the telephone for quick communication, and in many ways, serves as the central, anchoring activity of the average business professional. On its best day, email enables...


Meet Malbek – Gary Zuder, Director of Sales

We are excited to kick off a new blog series introducing you to some of the talent that make the Malbek team such a stellar group. We ask some serious and silly questions that will help you get to know us better.


Configurability Never Felt This Good!

I always thought when something was custom-made or built “just for you,” it was a great thing! Think about it. How about a custom suit?  It fits just right and gives you lots of confidence. If you’re a guitar player, how cool is that custom body...


Culture is a Team Sport

“What did you learn at school today?” I asked my 2nd grade daughter.  She’s learning about economics, you know, basics like supply and demand, pricing, etc.  So, I asked her what “interdependency” meant, and she said, “When everyone works...