Contract Management Reimagined

How to Configure Without a PhD in Computer Science

In this day and age we are all comfortable with self-service when it comes to any technology or application. Quite frankly, we almost expect it to be that way. So why does it feel that enterprise applications in the office environment require a...


Bridging the Technology Gap

While teaching my grandfather how to use his smartphone, he offered several nuggets of wisdom that only an 85-year-old could give:

“What do you mean passcode? What is this, a navy base?”

“The only 'app' I know is the things you eat before dinner!”


Malbek Summer Goals

I have to thank the Malbek team as they amaze me with the difference that they make every day. Collectively, their well-being and happiness that they bring to our culture is what sets our company apart. We all work hard but we also make a point...


The Other F Word

The F word.

No, not that one.

Failure. Today let's discuss something above and beyond CLM technology that relates to everything we do in our lives.

Everyone hates failure. No one likes putting effort and energy and passion into something that...


Survey Says: How Does Your Company View Contracts?

Have you ever really considered the role contracts play in your company? Do you see them as a valuable resource that you continue to pay attention to? Or do you just store them on your computer because you have to without giving them too much...


I've Got a Small Query for You*

(*Can you find all 11 Hamilton lyrics hidden in this blog post?)

So you’ve purchased Malbek, you’ve completed implementation, and you are live.  Congratulations!


Got a CLM Hangover?

Recently, two of our customers, Square and SurveyMonkey, joined us for a webinar hosted by Legal Operators and we tackled the topic of the CLM hangover. Legal operations professionals sit at the hub of many other departments. Whether sales, ...


Transplanting Tips for CLM Solutions

Like many of you, I am a houseplant fanatic. I feel like I check on my "jungle" as much as I check my email. So when my fern starts to look crispy or my monstera looks wilted, I notice. And much like those work emails, I don’t just read the...


What Can AI Do for Your Contracts?


Solving a Global Contract Problem

A global company that develops minimally-invasive clinical solutions recently found itself at a crossroads. Its corporate headquarters, based in Israel, provides services, which include the management of contracts for all of its offices and...

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