Contract Management Reimagined

Culture is a Team Sport

“What did you learn at school today?” I asked my 2nd grade daughter.  She’s learning about economics, you know, basics like supply and demand, pricing, etc.  So, I asked her what “interdependency” meant, and she said, “When everyone works...


Why Being a New CLM Solution Provider Is Actually a Good Thing

Remember when disks were floppy? Remember when phones had cords? Remember when you had to “dial up” to get online? Clearly, new is much better. We may love to apply the term “antique” to certain charming period pieces -- cars, furniture, home...


So what’s up with this “Speed the Green” tagline

You may have noticed Malbek using the tagline “Speed the Green™” in places like our LinkedIn page or on our website. As we prepared for the debut of the Malbek solution suite for quotes and contracts, we wanted to develop a catchy phrase that...

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