Contract Management Reimagined

Say Goodbye to Email, Hello Slack!

Digital contract management is a team sport. During its lifecycle, a contract has to go through various stages starting with creation and moving to approvals, negotiation, signature and, finally, the active stage. In each of these stages the...


A Quotable Guide to Envision 2020

Thank you to everyone who made Envision 2020, Malbek's first ever user conference, such an energizing and valuable experience! It was a privilege to hear the variety of input on contract management as a broad topic and related to the Malbek...

What is Shelfware?





Shelfware (n); old, clunky software that is not built to address modern problems. Becomes so associated with frustration and problems that users refuse to use it.


Equip Your People, Enjoy the Success!

On an otherwise uneventful evening last spring, I was informed that my son’s school would be shifting to virtual instruction indefinitely beginning the very next day.

“I bet we won’t go back until after spring break. How will we ever manage...


The Real Impact of Bad Contracting on Sales

Sales is a Zero Sum Game

A long, hard-fought sales cycle is either won or lost by its competing vendors. Did you know that the average technology evaluation leading to a purchase decision, even in mid-sized organizations, can take between 6 and 9...


Interview with an Intern: Alice in Marketing

Meet Alice, our Marketing Intern extraordinaire. Alice just graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Marketing and a minor in Human Resources. She was active with the Honors College at Rutgers and spent the last two years as a client...


Complex Contracting Simplified

When Atheer, a pioneer in Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR), began looking for a CLM solution to manage the increasing complexity of their agreements, they knew they wanted a vendor partner with a similar growth philosophy. As an enterprise...


How to Configure Without a PhD in Computer Science

In this day and age we are all comfortable with self-service when it comes to any technology or application. Quite frankly, we almost expect it to be that way. So why does it feel that enterprise applications in the office environment require a...


Bridging the Technology Gap

While teaching my grandfather how to use his smartphone, he offered several nuggets of wisdom that only an 85-year-old could give:

“What do you mean passcode? What is this, a navy base?”

“The only 'app' I know is the things you eat before dinner!”


Malbek Summer Goals

I have to thank the Malbek team as they amaze me with the difference that they make every day. Collectively, their well-being and happiness that they bring to our culture is what sets our company apart. We all work hard but we also make a point...

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